Frequently asked questions

Do you travel?

We travel all over the uk and have Region Prices as follows Central Scotland=Ayrshire to Lanarkshire - £1,300
North Scotland=Perthshire to Inverness - £1,600
North England=Dumfires to Carlisle - £1,500
Carlisle to Midlands - £2,000
South England=Birmingham to London - £2,300

Do you play corporate events?

We do! See our Corporate Page page for more details.

Will You Learn a Song For Us like First Waltz/Favourite Song?

Of course, Splash have their very own music complex and recording studio so we will go one better. We will rehears the songs for brides, corporate openings etc 3 weeks prior to the event. We will record us doing our rehearsal so you can hear/practice to it. Your very own private rehearsal with Splash. Of Course you have to make sure you give us time :)

How long does the band play for?

We do 2 x 1hr 15min Sets With Break For Buffet and whilst this is going on we have a DJ Set playing in background so the night keeps flowing and your guests can take a break from being on the dancefloor all night :).

What Do You Wear?

We beleive thae band should look like the band and not a guest. Too many bands just wear suits which negates the whole having a band. We are smart but people know you are the band. See Style in Pic

What Makes You Different From Every Other Band Doing Events.

We are a Showgroup and the only one in Scotland. We play theatres, Holiday Camps and have learned not only how to be a tight bunch of musicians but how to entertain to the MAX. To many bands these days hide behind a mic stand with a blank stare (pic 1).
But we LOVE our jobs and thus why we have been doing it for 20 years and we prefer to be like (pic 2). The Ultimate Entertaining Events Band.

Do You Need A Stage and What Size`

its better to have your band slightly elevated on a stage but its not essential. For Splash we reccomend 6.5m Wide x 4m Width


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